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Call us: 087 990 6609
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Very High Quality Kiln Dried Firewood available in Sandyford!

This quality hardwood is dried in a kiln to reduce moisture to 20% or less.  This means the wood is easier to light, has higher heat output, longer durability than normal, and it creates less ash.  Burning this wood also reduces the damage to your chimney as there is less tar build-up.

As wood is a carbon-neutral source of energy, it is a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fuels.

We provide 25cm length cuts of wood, suitable for use in open fires, glass fronted appliances and kitchen stoves.


Wood types

Ash:   A sturdy, light coloured wood, often with a darker coloured centre.  This is a hardy wood, and is able to survive in most conditions.  When burned, this wood produces a steady flame with little sparking, and for this reason is very suitable for wood stoves.

Beech:  With straight tall trunks, and a grey coloured bark, this is a light coloured wood.  Although soft to the touch, beech is a medium/hard wood.  This wood produces a bright but tranquil flame and it’s coals radiate long lasting heat.

Our wood is sourced from only sustainably maintained forests.
Wood Storage: Store your wood in a dry area if possible.  If stored outdoors, please ensure it is kept off the ground to reduce any possible dampness.

De-Icing Salt:  Be ready for winter, don’t get caught on an icy drive!  We offer de-icing salt handy 25kg bags – enough to sort you out for the cold spell ahead!


Opening Hours:

Mon – Fri: 8 – 6pm


We offer a delivery service from our Sandyford depot.  Delivery charges are between €15.00 and €40.00 depending on location

Contact: (087) 9906609 to order, or call to us at Unit 1H, Three Rock Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate. Find us on the map

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